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Creating Memories as Part of Your Exit Strategy

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Flotsam and Jetsam; Vacation Rental Management Industry Odds and Ends

Transparent Trust Accounting for Vacation Rental Managers

Ed Ulmer Announces Candidacy for the VRMA Board -- Supplier Member

Running a Lean and Efficient Vacation Rental Business

What Is Your Plan for the Shoulder Season?

Internet Marketing Changes That May Impact Your Vacation Rental Business

Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Will Provide Benefits to the Vacation Rental Manager

Suggestions for Cost Effective Vacation Rental Upgrades

Boosting Your Vacation Rental Reservations Using a Referral Agent Portal

Your Rental Gold Mine... Repeat Vacation Rental Guests

Barefoot Technologies Announces Two Way Integration with Inbound Marketing Industry Leader Hubspot

Millennial Work and Spending Habits Impact the Vacation Rental Industry

Social Media Complaints and Vacation Rental Management

Think Like A Resort Not Just A Vacation Rental Company

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InterCoastal Net Design-- HomeAway's New Fee for Bookers-- Opportunity?

Traveler's Fees and Another Perspective from VacayStay Connect.

Opportunity for Vacation Rental Managers in Response to HomeAway's Traveler Fees

HomeAway Adds Travelers Fee to Vacation Rental Management Portal

Welcome Mike Todd to the Barefoot Team

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Vacation Rental Companies as Source for State Revenue

Reflections on the Vacation Rental Manager Association Annual Meeting

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Yield Management in Vacation Rental Management

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Barefoot to Attend HomeAway Integrated Partner Meeting

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More Mergers in the Travel Industry: Expedia and Travelocity

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Vantage Resort Realty Vacation Rental Management Launches New Website

Family Friendly Ski Resorts with Vacation Rentals

Dwellable Takes Vacation Rental Booking to a New Level

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Top 10 Reasons to Spend The Holidays in a Vacation Rental

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PayByGroup Offers Group Payment Options to Vacation Rental Companies

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Customer Support and Vacation Rental Management Software

We Give Vacation Rental Management Companies Options

The Killington Group Joins the Barefoot Vacation Rental Family

CanadaStays: Canada’s Largest Vacation Rental Resource

HomeAway Announces Integrations and Investments at Phocuswright

Chicken or the Egg? Vacation Rental Management System or Website First?

HomeAway’s Brent Bellm Responds to Email Anonymizing Concerns for Vacation Rental Managers

Every Vacation Rental Management Customer is Unique

How Vacation Rental Management Companies Prevent Fraud

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How Vacation Rental Management Companies Compete in the Hospitality Market

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A Great Example of How You Create a Vacation Experience

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What an Integrated Trust Accounting System Can Do for Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

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The Golden Rule of Vacation Rental Management

The Benefit of Save the World Marketing for Vacation Rentals

Using Your Vacation Rental Owners to Engage New Tenants

Why Vacation Rental Management Companies Should Use Press Releases

Barefoot Is Growing Again... Welcome Sean Woodie to our Support Team.

Barefoot Announces New Vacation Rental Management Customer Debordieu Rentals

Barefoot Technologies Forms New Partnership with AlwaysOnVacation

Beyond Social Media… Let’s Talk About Social Reach

New Customer! Atlantic Realty of the Outer Banks

Implications for the Vacation Rental Industry in Zillow’s Acquisition of Trulia

Announcing Integrated Partnership with HomeAway's Transactional Model

Cultivating Delight: Customer Service in Vacation Rental Management Software

Cultivating Delight: Ten Tips for Creating Surveys for Vacation Rentals

Make Portals Work for Your Vacation Rentals

Our Perspective: Trends in the Vacation Rental Management Industry

What Does Cloud Based Vacation Rental Management Software Mean

5 Creative Ways to Increase Buzz in Vacation Rental Management

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TripAdvisor Is Making the Right Moves in the Vacation Rental Industry

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Top 10 Tips to Hiring the Best Vacation Rental Management Staff

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Marketing Your Vacation Rentals: Inbound Part 4

Vacation Rentals: What I learnt at Barefoot

New Vacation Rental scam reminds us to be vigilant

Future of Vacation Rentals uncertain in Florida

Marketing Your Vacation Rentals: Inbound Part 3

Marketing Your Vacation Rental: Inbound Part 2

Marketing Your Vacation Rental: Inbound Part 1

Preparing your Florida Vacation Rentals to be Ready for Change

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Cause Marketing and Your Vacation Rental: A how to

Florida legislation has vacation rentals in its sights

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8 steps to decide on a vacation destination

Six ways to use sporting events to increase vacation rentals

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5 Tips to Relationship Building: Rental Management in a digital age

Seven Useful Tools For Shoulder Season Vacation Rentals

Marketing Your Vacation Rental: Off Grid style Launches Communication Management Update

Rental Startup, Cozy, Acquires Landlordology: Pushing Distribution

New Year, Old Scams: More Vacation Rental Scams

VRM Intel Survey: Vacation Rental Industry Results

As a professional property manager, who has YOUR back?

More Vacation Rental Crackdowns Looking to Limit Rentals

How Secure is Browser Based Rental Software?

How to Seasonally Market Your Rental Properties

Your New Competition: It looks different than you think.

A Fresh View On The Vacation Rental Managers Association Conference

Will Your Website Ruin Your Business? Bounces Back: And In Impressive Fashion!

Blog Update: Why Airbnb Has A Tough Road Ahead 2.0

Rental Scammer Caught! Sentenced to 2 years, most already served!

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Why Complacency is Killing Your Vacation Rental Business

5 Reasons Your Vacation Rental Business Must Use Portals

Why Your Marketing Is Missing Your Target: Vacation Rental Customers

Apple WWDC and its Effects on Vacation Rentals

4 Easy Ways To Use Your Vacation Rental Software This Shoulder Season

The Hyperloop and What It May Mean For Vacation Rentals

Barefoot's Attending VRMA Annual Conference

How to Stay For Profit When Responding to Non-Profits in Rentals

HomeAway Making International Moves

10 Things to Look for in Vacation Rentals When Traveling with Kids

The Vacation Rental Merry Go Round – Are You Onboard?

It's Not Too Late To Capitalize On National Vacation Rental Month

5 Free Marketing Methods for Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation Rental Scam Avoidance - 101

Must Read on Assessing your Marketing Investments

The Top Ten Reasons You Need To Move Away From FRS

A Bold Claim From Homeaway CEO

Why Airbnb Has A Tough Road Ahead

Change Your View: Vacation Rental Property Vs. Asset Manager

Barefoot Hits Vacation Rental Tradeshows

Another Witch Hunt For Vacation Rentals

4 Industry Leading Ways To Create Efficient Work

The Vacation Rental Scam Game Is Hitting a Wall

Homeaway Tightens the VRBO Noose on Property Managers

8 Things You Can Offer Clients To Separate Your Vacation Rentals

5 Crucial Tactics for Maximizing Your Vacation Investment

A Somber Day In Boston Shows New England's Strength

More Signs Of A Successful Year for Vacation Rentals

The Key To The Golden Rental Number

7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Efficiency in Client Communication

Update on Las Vegas Short Term Rental Legislation

Best Vacation Rental Industry News Post of the Year

4 Ways To Solve Your Rental Reservation Problems With CRM

If You Don't Go Cloud Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

What You Need To Know About The Future of Vacation Rentals

5 Things To Look For In Conference Classes

Make Demographics Work For Your Vacation Rental Business

8 Must Know Statistics for the Vacation Industry

10 Things We Learned At the VRMA National Conference

Advantages to Hiring the Best Rental Software

Beware of Scams and How to Spot them

8 Important Software Features To Look For

5 Steps to Avoid a Vacation Rental Scam Vacation Rental Property Rankings Updated

Hawaii Vacation Rental Legislation Recieves Opposition and Revisions

Barefoot Unveils New Automated OTA Letters

How To Get Your Vacation Rental Properties Good Rankings on Homeaway

Vacation Rental Cleaning Options

Washington Announces Support of Travel Industry

Vacation Rental Scams Show New Trends

Vacation Rental Market Becoming 4-legged Friendly

Barefoot Visits Stowe Country Homes

HomeAway competitors seem to be rising

Las Vegas Passes Timeframe Rules for Short Term Vacation Rentals

Hawaii Vacation Rental Legislation Faces Opposition

Where Is the Housing Industry Headed

Barefoot Software Blog- CRM Aspects

Ed Ulmer Recieves RSPS Certification

New Bill Aims to Increase Tax Collection on Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Scams Can Be Prevented

Barefoot Software Blog- Tenant Net

Vacation Rental Industry Shows Promise Using the Right Means

Barefoot Software Blog- Advanced Owner Access

Vacation Rental Clients Are Looking For More Details When Renting

Barefoot Software Blog- What OwnerAccess Can Do For Your Company

Why Your Company Needs To Do Vacation Rentals

Barefoot Software

Barefoot's Lessons Learned At Triple Play Realtor Conference

NH Vacation Rental Business Recovering from the 2008 downfall

Barefoot Technology Announces Winners at Triple Play

Finnish Travel Trends to The U.S. volume 4

Barefoot Software F.A.Q's Answered By Mike Mueller

HomeAway Updates Straight From PhoCusWright Conference

Real Estate Sales Following Vacation Rentals and Hotel

Does Insurance or Trust Offer More Protection?

Ed Ulmer Asked To Continue On MLS Board Of Directors

Barefoot Technologies Partners with Rentals Remix Insurance

Uninsured Handyman Sues VRBO Owner

Deposit Guard Now Does Online Deposits For Vacation Rental

Barefoot Announces Partnership With Red Sky

Barefoot partners with Red Sky

Barefoot Technologies Lends Helping Hand

Lawsuits Are On The Rise In Vacation Rental Industry

Vacation Rental Habits of Finland

Vacation Rental Industry Welcomes Four Legged Friends

Barefoot Welcomes Two New Members to the Team

Barefoot Welcomes Two New Members to Team

Barefoot Announces Carl Stephenson as Business Development Manager

Barefoot Rental partner USA Resort Rentals announces partnership

News from our northern portal brother-Cottage Country

New Vacation Rental statistics from NAR

New statistics out on Vacation Rental buyers from NAR

FRS and long time vacation rental consultant joins Barefoot rental sofware

Delaware Man charged with Rental Fraud

Rental Scams reported in Miami and Key West

Barefoot can now offer the world’s most trusted eSignature network to clients

Barefoot Has Partnered With Red Awning

Barefoot Has Partnered With Direct Axess

Pegasus and VRMA Negotiations Have Collapsed

A Vacation Rental Scam That Never Happened

Barefoot Chooses QTS to Provide Cloud-Based Solution

HomeAway IPO - How Did They Do?

Vacation Rental Scams in Destin, FL

Royal Shell and Waterstone Join Forces in Florida

HomeAway IPO Finally Here

HGTV's Dream Home Now A Vacation Rental

HomeAway Valued at $2 Billion?

Online Vacation Rental Sites Rivalry

HomeAway Founders Tell All

Vacation Rental Scammers Arrested

Vacation Rental Scammers Arrested

How to Take Advantage of High Gas Prices

Money Continues To Roll Into Vacation Rentals

Barefoot at Inntopia Show in South Dakota

HomeAway closes the gap between professionally managed properties and VRBO

Are You Ready To Play With The Big Boys?

Vacation And Investment Home Shares Hold Even in 2010

Google Offers – Something For Vacation Rental Companies?

Vacation Rental Scams On The Rise?

Weak U.S. Dollar = Opportunity For International Tourists

Rising Gas Prices Presents Opportunity For Vacation Rentals

HomeAway Receives Lawsuit

A Vacation Rental Scam That Took Place on HomeAway

Vacation Rentals For the Summer Are Filling Up

How to Increase Your Repeat Customer Base

Vacation Rentals On the Air

Online Rental Scams in Key West- A Common Plague

Anna Maria Island, A Vacation Rental Success Story

Four things to think about when marketing to women

More than 1 million websites hacked

The Vacation Rental Industry is Going for a Record Year

The price of linens is going UP UP UP - Why, and what can you do.

Barefoot Technologies Welcomes Niko Uola Onboard

Property Management Provider, Barefoot, partners with Vacation Remix

Vacation Rental Site TripAdvisor’s Data Stolen

Show Season for the Vacation Rental Industry

HomeAway and YapStone

Barefoot and Ascent Processing

Barefoot Highlighted in Travel Guard Newsletter

Two Will Become One

HomeAway File For IPO

2011 Vacation Rental Industry Growth

Barefoot's Ed Ulmer asked to sit on NNEREN Board

Let's take a break from talking about property management software

Taos Ski Valley using Barefoot Property Management Software

Life is Easier With Property Management Software

Vacation Rental Payments through PayPal

Vacation Rental Fraud In Florida

Marriott To Spin Off Timeshare Operations

Vacation Rental Website, HomeAway, Going Public?

CAST Delays Crackdown on Illegal Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals - How to deal with bed bugs

Vacation Rental Shows 2011

Predictions for 2011

How To Challenge The Hotels

In 2011, For Rent By Owners must fill out multiple 1099’s

3 Tips For Using HubSpot's Blogging Application