The iLink™ connection from Agent 3.0c™ to your web site offers a number of options including:
  • inventory and availablity search/review
  • online booking
  • mapping, and virtual tours
  • reviews, and a number of partner programs

Your web site is crucial to your success so Barefoot offers two iLink™ formats as well as access points for tenants, owners, travel agents, vendors and partners. All access points focus on communication and efficiency along with social media tools to drive you business.


Barefoot iLink™ XML opens windows for your web design staff to integrate real/live data from Barefoot, and manipulate that data into any format of your choosing. This capability is limited only by the creativity of your design staff, and could include online booking, complete customization of web pages, guest surveys, and more.

iLink™ Standard

Barefoot also has the capability to provide you a more standardized web interlink, with online booking, availability, credit cards, etc. This is a quick and inexpensive method of providing the online access you require for your business. If you don’t have a relationship with a web design company, let your Barefoot representative know, as we have several partnerships with travel-based web companies that can help with your web design.