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Barefoot Technologies Announces Two Way Integration with Inbound Marketing Industry Leader Hubspot

Posted by Claiborne Yarbrough on May 6, 2016 4:36:41 PM



Henniker, New Hampshire --  Barefoot Technologies is pleased to announce a new integration with inbound marketing industry leader Hubspot.  Hubspot describes themselves this way: “We started talking about this transformation in how people shop and buy. We called the traditional method “outbound” — because it was fundamentally about pushing a message out and started calling the new way “inbound.” Inbound is about pulling people in by sharing relevant information, creating useful content, and generally being helpful.”


Several of our vacation rental company clients use the Hubspot platform to generate great inbound leads for their rental properties or to attract new owners. Recognizing that, Barefoot was anxious to support the need for shared data between the Barefoot Agent 3.0c system and Hubspot. Using our sophisticated API Barefoot support the following functionality:


  • New leads coming into Hubspot are shared with the Barefoot system and automatically marked as a Hubspot lead for further tracking.
  • New leads in Barefoot are shared with Hubspot as well, so that the email campaigns and triggers inside of Hubspot are working for all of your leads to drive high conversions on leads.
  • Any email events inside of Hubspot are then automatically logged as a comment on the prospective tenant record inside of Barefoot.
  • When you have converted the lead into an incoming guest with a reservation, the lease information, including the deal amount are passed back into the Hubspot Sales Dashboard for ongoing review using their graphical interface.

“We are always interested in partnering with the best of breed technology to serve our customers,” offers Ed Ulmer, CEO of Barefoot. “We want to focus on being the most flexible vacation rental management software in the industry to meet our customer’s various needs. That is why we focus on continued refinement of our API to support these types of integrations.”

For more information about this integration or about the Barefoot API, please contact or 804.212.1280.

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