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Ed Ulmer Announces Candidacy for the VRMA Board -- Supplier Member

Posted by Ed Ulmer on Aug 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

IMG_0299-1.jpgIn April, we hosted our annual Barefoot User Conference prior to the Eastern VRMA Conference. I was completely surprised to discover that out of the 50 attendees only 5 where staying on to attend the EVRMA conference.  When I asked the folks why this was the case the response, in general, was that they “just didn’t see the value in the conference”.

I have served on the VRMA conference committee for the past five years and frankly, I have felt the content has gone somewhat stale over the last two years.   I have shared my opinion with a number of the current Board Members and incoming President Maureen Regan.  Her response was to ask me if I would consider sitting on the board and I honestly chuckled.  Then I spent some additional time thinking about it and I mentioned it to my wife and she said “why not”?  I am a big believer in not just pointing out a problem; rather I want to figure out the way to solve the problem.

I am pleased to announce that I am running as a Supplier Member for the 2016-17 VRMA board. 

Some of you know me though my experience with the vacation rental management industry. I have also assisted in starting up two tourism offices as an Executive Director and have sat on a number of working board of directors in New England.

I believe that the most important thing for any non-profit organization is to show great value.  If you can make the benefit of being a member so significant, you make the decision an easy one. The simple reality is that you must listen to the variety of needs represented by the members AND the non-members to continue to grow membership. In this, I ask for your help. Please reach out to me with your feedback:

  • Why did you join VRMA?
  • If you aren’t a VRMA member, why have you decided not to be a member?
  • Has the VRMA helped you?
  • Is there a particular educational topic that you are looking for more information on?


While this topic is a general basis for my platform, I am developing a number of ideas to bring forward that I believe will make a difference, including:

  • Value
  • Education
  • Inclusion
  • Creativity
  • Self-Reflection and Mindfulness

I will provide additional thoughts on this in an upcoming blog post.

Thank you for your support.

Ed Ulmer


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