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  • Barefoot has an extremely simple pricing structure based on the number of units (in 50 unit increments).
  • We charge a monthly fee that begins upon contract that includes tailoring your database, initial training/implementation and support.
  • Our base pricing for 1 to 50 units is $800 per month.
  • For every additional 50 units, we charge another $300 per month.
  • If you pay this monthly fee annually, you will receive a 10% discount.
  • Barefoot charges 1% of rent for our direct integrations to Airbnb and VRBO. We have a one time set up fee for other marketing integrations.
  • We never want to lose the opportunity to work with you because of price. Let's have a conversation to make things work for both of us.

Optional Add On Services

  • Barefoot has a policy of not raising fees for all clients to introduce new functionality. We typically create an optional module that clients can opt into paying for, such as the eSignature module, which is developed for each client, based on their specifications.

Barefoot eSignature

Barefoot eSignature for Guest and Owner contracts-- this time saving functionality is customized to your requirements, including the ability to upsell and track information. This is then pushed to the reservation automatically or to the property page. Guests and owners can also view their contract using the mobile ready portal.

Barefoot Group Module

The Group Module is a timesaver for those vacation rental management companies that deal with groups, like weddings, golf outings and family reunions. Within a group, you can associate tenants, apply payments, issue discounts, add in upsell items and communicate with the group.

Barefoot Referral Agent Access

Barefoot Referral Agent Network gives you the power to provide third parties to make booking through a mobile ready portal. Increase sales using this unique functionality. 

And more...

Barefoot has been focused on providing client driven functionality for over 20 years. That means that a lot of great ideas have been translated into tools in our system.

Ask if you would like to know more about functionality that is important to you.

Getting Started

For a complete listing of Barefoot’s technology offerings, please download our Barefoot Capabilities Checklist here.

We would be happy to provide a full demo, tailored to your business needs and a pricing proposal. Please feel free to contact us at sales@barefoot.com or by calling 877-799-1110.