Thought Leadership:

The Importance of Asset Management for Vacation Rental Managers

Create Owner Clients for Life

barefoot-asset-management-vacation-rentalsBarefoot has been providing thought leadership and related functionality for the vacation rental industry for over 21 years. Right now, we believe that becoming a property asset manager is the most important thing that vacation rental management companies can do to create value and a "sticky" relationship with their owners that will provide benefits that far outweigh what national or global portals can offer.

Ed Ulmer, President of Barefoot, spent some time with Amy Hinote of VRM Intel, and recorded a webinar about his perspective on:

  • The Case for Asset Management in a COVID-19 World
  • What is Asset Management for Vacation Rental Management Companies
  • Examples of Asset Management for Vacation Rental Companies
  • Actions to Implement Asset Management in Vacation Rental Management
  • Suggestions for Asset Management Services
  • Property Asset Management and the Future of the Vacation Rental Industry

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