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Meet Barefoot

For over 20 years,  Barefoot Agent 4.0 system is the most innovative solution in the vacation rental industry. We provide our clients with the most  reliable and capable trust accounting solution in the industry. Our focus is on helping our clients become a vacation experience provider, not just a vacation rental company by pushing the envelope on concierge and activity upsell. 

Trust Accounting

Barefoot provides the following trust account functionality for critical business functions:

  • Rental, property management and travel/referral agent trust accounting.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly audit ready reporting
  • Group bookings including discounts, split payments and group communication
  • Upsell of services with POS charges for internally and externally owned service providers
  • Variable agent commission structures
  • Housekeeping and maintenance work orders with unlimited services
  • Ability to pay bills on behalf of you owners with direct owner payments.
  • Direct deposit (ACH), eChecks, credit card interface and check writing
  • Syndicated ownership
  • Management of multiple offices in multiple locations with separate trust accounts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax calculations for state and local taxes
  • End of Year IRS reporting
  • North Carolina Real Estate Commission approved

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CRM and Lead Management

  • Barefoot provides your business critical tracking for guests, owners and vendors 
  • Use amenities to segment your contacts to manage relationships.
  • Build triggered automated emails to facilitate high touch communication.
  • Our mobile friendly portals also provide another way to communicate with guests, owners and vendors
  • Admin control provides the behavior and look and feel of these portals through the admin login, making this unique to company
  • The Lead management module takes leads from a variety of sources to move them through the sales funnel. 
  • eSignature allows upsell of services to the guest, multiple data entry fields and easy tracking of contracts.
  • Contact-less check in and check out process, that can also be set to require the upload of an identification document prior to check in.
  • Owner contract renewal in a wizard format allows owners to set rates, add on service agreements (like winterization, lawn care and other services), view property amenities, photos and descriptions (and potentially make changes) which are added in the contract document for eSignature by the owner.



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Revenue Management

Rate Management might be the most important thing that you need for your business. We offer the following tools:

  • Flexibility in setting how additional services are charged in combination with range pricing and other market specific calculations.
  • Price classes
  • Interval pricing
  • Industry leading partner Beyond Pricing provides Barefoot clients access to the most sophisticated revenue pricing tool in the industry. Rate management is driven by sophisticated micro-targeted analysis and algorithms. 

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Partnerships and APIs

Barefoot has the most extensive partner program in the industry. We give you choices for how you implement the tools that drive your business:

  • We have an open API
  • We have a direct integration to VRBO, Airbnb and TripAdvisor. We also offer connections to many of the larger and more niche portals to help drive bookings
  • We are PCI Level 2 compliant
  • We are GDR compliant
  • For a full list of our partners, please visit our partner page https://www.barefoot.com/partners




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Upsell Activities and Concierge Services

We have long believed in the need for our clients and others in the vacation rental industry to provide more than just a house… the opportunity is there to become the trusted adviser for an entire vacation rental experience by offering concierge (grocery deliver, packages, in house chefs) or related area activities (water park tickets, transportation, zip lines, etc).

Barefoot has the ability to upsell concierge or activity items, by service type – “kayak rental”, then have multiple service vendors and then multiple products under each vendor.

Once set up in Barefoot, those can be shared for upsell to the website, internally to the guest portal for upsell (especially during the reservation process) and on the reservation itself if the reservation is taken verbally.


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Barefoot Resort Management

Resort Products

To make our clients vacation companies and not just vacation rental companies, Barefoot continues to develop tools to seamlessly connect all potential guest services into our system.  Our philosophy is to make your business the hub you’re your guests’ entire vacation and electronically connect all players with block chain functionality.  As always, we work with directly with our resort clients to tailor these products for more efficiency and market share growth that results in remarkable return on investment.  Our continued expansion of functionality based on client direction is the reason why we have a 90% client retention rate since inception.

Here is an overview of some of our products:

 icons8-fund-accounting-50 Accounting

As the strongest and most mature trust accounting system in the industry, Barefoot manages other people's money very efficiently including your commissions both as flat or percentage fees. It is the backbone of all our tools listed below. In the past many have stayed away from concierge because commissions compared to the amount of work where rather small. With Barefoot accounting the process is automated and is no different than paying an owner.

 icons8-skiing-50 Vendor Access Portal

Barefoot Vendor Access was the first of its kind almost eight years ago. In the interim, we have added to its functionality with 3rd party housekeeping and maintenance. We now allow any 3rd party services and vendors to access to communicate about pre-bought services and activities with you monitoring the entire conversation.

 icons8-multichannel-64 Owner and Guest Access Portal

Barefoot was the first system to offer an owner and guest portal.  In addition to empowering tools we offer upsell of service options that tie back into Barefoot Agent guest folios.

 icons8-connect-filled-50 Folio Connect

Barefoot has built functionality that can link popular Point Of Sales (POS) system charges into your folio page resulting in you being able to make your entire market your resort.

icons8-pos-terminal-50 (1)Cash Register Connect

Barefoot has built a tool that can charge services and items back to the folio for those companies with out a POS system in a safe and secure environment.

 icons8-handshake-50 API and Partner Program

Barefoot has one of the most extensive API and partner programs in the industry.  As an Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) our goal is to make integrations as seamless as possible including single sign on to share data either through iframe, with download links or two-way integrations. https://www.barefoot.com/partners.


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Asset Management for Owners

Create Owner Clients for Life

Barefoot has been providing thought leadership and related functionality for the vacation rental industry for over 21 years. Right now, we believe that becoming a property asset manager is the most important thing that vacation rental management companies can do to create value and a "sticky" relationship with their owners that will provide benefits that far outweigh what national or global portals can offer.

Please reach out today to learn more about this market leading differentiation. 


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No Upfront Fees... All-Inclusive Pricing

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Why our customers love Barefoot


Tom Testimonial


See what our happy clients have to say about Barefoot.

Take a sneak peek at our most recent user conference. 

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Myra Testimonial


See what our happy clients have to say about Barefoot.

Take a sneak peek at our most recent user conference. 

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See what our happy clients have to say about Barefoot.

Take a sneak peek at our most recent user conference. 

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See what our happy clients have to say about Barefoot.

Take a sneak peek at our most recent user conference. 

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Our Promise and Commitment

This is an industry based on relationships. Because we are meant to be tailored, we start our relationship by listening to you, understanding your business goals and exceeding your expectations. 

As an independently owned company, we are incredibly responsive to our clients.

We promise to:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Advise you as your needs change
  • Offer you the best technology tools
  • Support you with an experienced team

Our Support team has over 100 combined years of experience.

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