Our Customers

Our vacation rental management and property management customers are at the heart of what we do and they allow us to be partners in their success.

This includes:

  • We start the relationship by documenting a technology business plan based on our clients business needs and the most meaningful way to use Barefoot
  • We provide in-depth and individualized training and implementation
  • We focus on outstanding support including quarterly client meetings for strategic discussions and chat for accounting assistance in the moment
  • We are under continuous development driven by client and industry needs, with access to customization for individual clients
  • We proudly host annual conferences to drive important conversations about the industry, sharing among peers and covering new product functionality

See what our customers have to say below. We would welcome the opportunity to add you to the Barefoot family. Let's start a discussion.

20155-VacationRentalLogo-Final11"At Long & Foster, we have multiple offices that use different databases to handle the complexities of different markets and agent compensation structures. Barefoot ensures that we can scale the vacation rental side of the business that meets our goals."


Greg Cressman

Long & Foster Vacation Rentals


"Being in the business now for over 15 years, we have grown our small company to one that required a more robust system than the one we were using which could not keep up with changes in the industry. We did extensive market research on many of the offerings in the market and all roads kept coming back to Barefoot because of many factors:

  • The ease of use for the staff. Huge importance in integrating a new system. The system is 99.9% flexible in making changes and updating client folios is as easy as point, click done!

  • Their host of integrations were important to us as we do rely on distributions to the major OTA’s for our online marketing and prefer not to use 3rd parties to make this happen. It all happens right on the Barefoot platform

  • Ease of use and accessibility to the API connection for our own website worked seamlessly and has allowed us to further develop our own brand and create dynamic reporting and distribution of our content

  • Accounting and processing is very intuitive and can be customized to meet our needs. It has streamlined our end of month processing from 3 days to 3hrs! From ACH payments to owners and vendor to printing checks for whoever is owed. It is extremely flexible.

One of the biggest surprises with the company has been their support team. Simply unrivaled in this space! They are deeply knowledgeable of the platform, always (and I mean always) available and willing to help and super patient in working at a pace that worked for our group (which was sporadic due the incredibly busy season we have had). Never a hesitation to help and that was a very nice surprise as we have heard nightmares about onboarding and support. Not here, absolutely fabulous!

Thank you to all of the Barefoot team for a great platform and a great group of people to work with!"

Chris Walker


Luxury Homes of Hilton Head


offlakelogo-300"I have been with Barefoot since December of 2008. Even though I may not be the largest client in Barefoot’s stable, they treat me as if I am the most important client they have every time I call. I am confident that when there is something that I need to have changed, or corrected, I can contact them, get suggestions and ideas and whatever work I need will get done in a very timely manner. And I don’t worry about being invoiced for every second they work to help me. Most of the time it is included in my monthly fees, and if I am charged, the costs are always reasonable.

--Bob Orr, President, OffLake Rentals




Using Barefoot, we have found that the accounting is saving me significant time, the CRM and revenue management is increasing my business. And to top it off, they listen to my needs and have been able to modify the system for me to really dominate my market."

-Mike Connolly, Triumph Mountain Properties



"We bought Barefoot as a real estate company knowing we needed not only software but a mentor who could help us steer around the pit falls of the rental business. We are so happy we made the decision to go with Barefoot. The program is great, but more importantly the knowledge and the interest they have in our company make me sleep better at night."

 --Laurie Finan, Owner, Shutters and Sails Real Estate