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This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is provided by Barefoot Technologies Corporation (“Barefoot”) to its customers (“Customer”) that subscribes to any hosted version of Barefoot’s software and products (the “Barefoot Software”). This SLA is governed by the terms and conditions of the Barefoot Subscription License Agreement for the Hosted Version of Barefoot Agent (the “License Agreement”). UNDER THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENT, YOUR ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE BAREFOOT SOFTWARE IS SUBJECT TO YOUR REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE OF THIS SLA.
During the Term of Customer’s License Agreement with Barefoot, Barefoot shall provide the Barefoot Software in accordance herewith:

1. Definitions
“Downtime” means the minutes in a month in which Customer (a) suffers a complete loss of access to the Barefoot Software, or (b) experiences a sustained and material degradation to normal system performance which impacts Customer’s business. Downtime does not include any outage caused by (i) the Internet or other telecommunications errors outside of Barefoot’s control, (ii) failures attributed to Customer’s own computer equipment or any software not approved by Barefoot, (iii) forces outside of Barefoot’s reasonable control, and (iv) the System Maintenance Period.
“System Availability” means the availability of the Barefoot Software for a period of twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, less any System Maintenance Period in the month.
“System Maintenance Period” means the time from Thursday at 1:00 AM EST until Friday at 4:00 AM EST (or such other periods as the parties may agree to from time to time), during which time access to the Barefoot Software is not available due to maintenance, upgrades, and other computer center operating requirements.

2. Service Level Targets

2.1 Availability: Barefoot shall endeavor to ensure that the Barefoot Software shall remain continuously available to Customer for at least 97.00% of the time.

2.2 Service Response Time: If the Barefoot Software becomes unavailable to Customer, other than for scheduled maintenance, Barefoot shall respond as set out in Section 6.

2.3 If Barefoot fails to meet Service Level Targets for three (3) consecutive months, or for any three (3) months in a six (6) month period, it shall be considered a material breach of the Agreement and Customer may terminate the Agreement without penalty.

2.4 For any outage, the time during which the Barefoot Software will be deemed not available shall run from the time Barefoot is notified by Customer of the lack of availability or Barefoot’s own awareness of such issue until the Barefoot Software again became available as notified to Customer by Barefoot.

3. Planned Outages.

3.1 Barefoot will, on occasion, need to suspend Customer access to the Barefoot Software for certain scheduled maintenance. All scheduled maintenance will take place at non-peak times so that the system disruption will be minimal and shall generally not occur more regularly than once every four weeks. Barefoot shall endeavor to complete all scheduled maintenance within four (4) hours and during any System Maintenance Period, but Customer acknowledges that it may not always be possible to complete scheduled maintenance during this outage window. Should the scheduled maintenance exceed four hours (per incidence of scheduled maintenance), the additional outage time will be considered part of the calculation of the Availability percentage defined in Section 2.1 above, and each hour in excess of four (4) will be considered downtime and eligible for remedy under Section 4 below.

(a) Barefoot will use reasonable endeavors to give Customer seven (7) days notice of suspension of the Barefoot Software in the case of maintenance:

(b) Barefoot will us reasonable endeavors to give Customer twenty-four (24) hours notice of suspension of the Barefoot Software in the case of remedial faults which have been detected and which are likely to cause imminent failure of the Barefoot Software.

4. Service Level Credits.

4.1 Availability: When (System Availability minus Downtime) divided by System Availability is less than the Performance Target in a given month of the applicable License Agreement term, then the SLA Credit equals a monthly pro-rata of the Annual Hosting and Support Fee for such month, multiplied by the Applicable Credit Percentage as listed in the following table.

Actual Availability Percentage

Applicable Credit Percentage

95.0% to 96.99%


90.0% to 94.99%


85.0% to 89.99%


Below 85.00%



  1. 5. Support and Escalation Procedures. Barefoot shall follow the Support and Escalation procedures as document in the Customer Support Plan in Section 6.

    6. Customer Support Plan. At Barefoot, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide and support customer interaction with our hosted vacation rental software at multiple levels. This plan will detail how the Barefoot addresses the support needs of our customers, the Barefoot Escalation methods and all contacts available to customers for support.
    6.1 Scope. This Support Plan is prepared for Barefoot’s customers who have contracted for the Barefoot Software outlined in the Agreement.
    6.2  Customer Roles. Customer personnel interact with the Software with one primary role, the administrator.
    6.3 Administrative Role. The customer-appointed site administrator(s) have access to all administrative, management, and reporting tools for the Barefoot Software.
    6.4 Barefoot provides administrators with multiple methods of support, including email, a support help desk, a support FAQ, and a phone number.
    6.5 The Help Desk is the primary support tool including a support ticket tracking and resolution system plus an FAQ with the most common issues and the support manual. Should a user not find an answer to their satisfaction then they may submit a ticket through the Help Desk which will be directed to the Barefoot’s support team. Alternatively, they may phone us in the USA at 781-756-0785 and ask for support.
    6.6 Support requests are generally responded to within an hour during regular business hours but the level of importance as well as complexity defines the resolution time frame.
    6.7 Barefoot posts links to the support help desk, Agent World, and sends emails so that in the event the customer site is down they can still find our contact information.
    6.8 Many Barefoot client administrators prefer to handle the first line support themselves and escalate to Barefoot only when an issue goes beyond the scope of their skill or access rights. The customer site administrator is then added to the recipient email list for emails from the “Contact Us” form.
    Barefoot uses a 24x7 remote monitoring service which pings the server and the site every 5 minutes. Servers down alerts are sent and email to Barefoot support personnel.
    6.10 Administrative Role Support. Barefoot trains and continually works with the Client administrator and recognizes that managing the Barefoot Software is not their fulltime job. The Barefoot Software is not a “managed system”. Barefoot expects at least one client employee to be trained and take responsibility for the general site administration. That said, Barefoot considers ourselves an assistant to the administrator and are available to answer questions as well escalate issues.
    6.11 Support Contacts and Escalation Plan.

Support Center, Tickets and FAQ:

Primary technical support contact:

Liyan Ying



Secondary support contact:

Andrew York



In the event the above are unavailable or unresponsive please call your sales representative directly and they will respond to you within a reasonable amount of time.


The company providing Barefoot’s server space, hardware, and OS software may be contacted directly by Customer in absolute emergencies only when Barefoot has been unreachable for more than 2 business days.