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Future of Vacation Rentals uncertain in Florida

Posted by Aj Mudford on May 2, 2014 2:07:00 PM

I wrote a blog on April 2nd titled “Preparing your Florida vacation rentals to be ready for changeand now change is one step closer. But the changes may not be as drastic as some local full-time residents had hoped for. The Florida Vacation Rental Bill-SB 356 just passed the Senate with compromise language. It will now go to Governor Scott. The Florida House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday with a 90-27 vote that gives local governments’ limited control over rentals but not the regulatory power many were seeking.

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More Vacation Rental Crackdowns Looking to Limit Rentals

Posted by Adam Zippin on Nov 26, 2013 4:48:00 PM

Berlin is now the most recent location to limit short term rentals.  This is the first international story we have reported on here, as most of our focus has been based on rental trends in the us.  However, with all of the crackdowns coming through as of late, this trend seemed destined to become global.

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