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More Vacation Rental Crackdowns Looking to Limit Rentals

Posted by Adam Zippin on Nov 26, 2013 4:48:00 PM

Berlin is now the most recent location to limit short term rentals.  This is the first international story we have reported on here, as most of our focus has been based on rental trends in the us.  However, with all of the crackdowns coming through as of late, this trend seemed destined to become global.

What has spawned this decision?  Lawmakers in Berlin have referenced a shortage of affordable housing as the "back breaking straw" in this instance.  In Berlin, it is easy to find a vacation rental home dedicated to tourists and travelers, but to find a home gets trickier as populations grow.  This legislation will free up an approximated 15,000 apartments.  This freedom will allow locals to populate formerly rental residences.


Despite this being a form of restriction on short term rentals, it is different than those that we have seen in the United States.  Places like Las Vegas and Hawaii have imposed bans as a form of punitive legislation.  Las Vegas imposed the legislation due to local house parties, noise complaints and damage, while Hawaii imposed restrictions due to tax evasion and damage to the local infrastructure.  Either way, the steps taken in Berlin are one I can get behind, less punishment and more focused on bettering the city.  

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With that I'll end this blog, short and sweet but something worth noting.  Its thanksgiving week and there is a massive storm rolling through that is sure to make my travel plans a bit more complicated. I wish you all the happiest of holidays if I don't get the chance to post again this week.  All of us at Barefoot would like to remind our clients how thankful we are for their loyalty, patience, vision, and passion for the vacation industry we all love.  


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