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Vacation Rentals: What I learnt at Barefoot

Posted by Aj Mudford on May 14, 2014 2:23:00 PM

Being a marketing intern for Barefoot Technologies has been a great experience. My knowledge about Vacation rentals and the industry was very limited before I joined the Barefoot team. I knew it consisted of renting a furnished house, apartment or condo but I wasn’t sure how you went about it or made it happen. I had no idea this was a $23billion industry in the US in 2012 and that it is growing in popularity, but after all the information I have red I see the potential in investing in Vacation rentals.

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Six ways to use sporting events to increase vacation rentals

Posted by Aj Mudford on Feb 12, 2014 12:15:00 PM

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Brazil this year for an event that will be watched by billions of viewers worldwide and attract around 600,000 tourists to the country according to International Business Times. It is an opportunity for Brazilians to showcase their culture, food and soccer skills in what is sure to be an amazing spectacle. But how can you use sports teams or events to benefit your business?

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