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Vacation Rentals: What I learnt at Barefoot

Posted by Aj Mudford on May 14, 2014 2:23:00 PM

Being a marketing intern for Barefoot Technologies has been a great experience. My knowledge about Vacation rentals and the industry was very limited before I joined the Barefoot team. I knew it consisted of renting a furnished house, apartment or condo but I wasn’t sure how you went about it or made it happen. I had no idea this was a $23billion industry in the US in 2012 and that it is growing in popularity, but after all the information I have red I see the potential in investing in Vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals give people much more space and freedom. A large group of family or friends can fit into one rental property as opposed to renting out several hotel rooms. The ability to cook on your own is also a huge bonus.

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But of course you must be wary of scams. Some people who try to take short cuts to cut costs can end up being the victim of a scam artist. You should remember to always use a reputable agent that you can call to develop a relationship with. Wiring money or sending a money order should never be done, only use a credit card and travel insurance doesn’t hurt! Make sure you’ve done all your research such as getting references and checking with the Better Business Bureau.

Owning a Vacation rental property is a great way to add to your income with the average earnings of a vacation rental home being $28,000 a year. The most rewarding part though would be the joy you bring to the vacationers who get to enjoy your property. Using sporting events and celebrations is a great way to attract customers to your property. Whether it be spring baseball in Florida or the Iron man in Hawaii there is always something that can help bring more customers through the door. Guerilla marketing can have a huge return on investment if it is done well and you can appeal to potential customers.

Then there is the government and regulators who are frequently changing laws and regulations surrounding vacation rentals in numerous states such as Florida and Hawaii. To keep noise levels and trash at a minimum is definitely a good thing but going too far could have a negative effect on the industry in some places.

Overall working with Barefoot has been a great experience for me, helping me to prepare for life after college. Communication, teamwork, following instructions and my research skills have all been developed during my internship. The toughest part was seeing all the beautiful photos of vacation spots all over the world and being stuck in the office! But it’s great as an extra incentive to work hard to be able to enjoy well earned vacations.

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