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Housekeeping Functionality In Barefoot

Posted by Jackie Goldman on Mar 21, 2019 2:54:17 PM

At our most recent user conference, we had the wonderful opportunity to have Dirk Johnson, the Executive Director of the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Association. Throughout his compelling and humorous presentation, he made sure to remind us Housekeeping Professionals are the heart of any well-run vacation rental business. How many times have you checked in somewhere, either for business or pleasure and a dirty space has ruined the entire expectation? This is completely preventable.

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Weathering the Storm. Vacation Rental Asset Management with Extreme Weather Events

Posted by Claiborne Yarbrough on Mar 12, 2019 1:11:02 PM

During 2019 Barefoot has a goal of helping our vacation rental software clients provide more value to their homeowners by providing asset management tools within the software. We introduced a comparative market analysis report to our clients at the recent Barefoot User Conference. Tools are good but knowledge is power. I am sharing the presentation that I gave to our clients here to help you look at asset management and climate resilience.

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Barefoot Announces Partnership with Key Data Dashboard

Posted by Claiborne Yarbrough on Feb 4, 2019 3:24:53 PM

For Immediate Release:

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Leveraging Massachusetts Short Term Rentals Law to Retain and Add Owners and Inventory

Posted by Ed Ulmer on Jan 22, 2019 9:27:25 AM

On December 28, 2018, Massachusetts passed HB 4841, a law that is aimed at regulating and insuring short term rentals.  While taxes are always controversial for the professional vacation rental company, in many ways this can be something positive if you are well organized.

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Ed Ulmer’s 2019 Vacation Rental Management Industry Predictions

Posted by Ed Ulmer on Jan 4, 2019 6:32:58 PM

2019 will be an interesting year for vacation rentals.  We seem to be coming of age. I can see a lot of change, some good for the professional. Some of what I have predicted the past two years continue to come true, some of it faster than I expected and for other things it is taking longer.  Here are my expectations for 2019:

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The Importance of Trust Accounting in Vacation Rental Management Software

Posted by Claiborne Yarbrough on Dec 26, 2018 5:59:03 PM

One of the more interesting interviews that came out of VRM Intel this year, was an interview that Amy Hinote did with Steve Trover of All Star Vacation Homes as they closed their doors this year. In this wide-ranging interview, Trover, who has long been a consultant in the vacation rental industry, comments on things he wishes he paid more attention to in running his company, in order to help others.

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Making the Most of Attending Rez Fest on Marco Island September 25-27th

Posted by Claiborne Yarbrough on Sep 14, 2018 2:52:27 PM

Barefoot is excited to attend their first Rez Fest as a preferred HomeAway partner. We are looking forward to meeting with our clients and to talk to attendees who are looking for the most tailorable and scalable software solution in the vacation rental management industry.

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We’re in the midst of a foodie revolution... are you prepared?

Posted by Guest Author on Jun 4, 2018 3:54:11 PM

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Thoughts About Photo Size and Web Optimization

Posted by Andrew York on May 11, 2018 1:45:00 PM

New demands from the OTAs are requiring larger and larger photos. With the expectation of photos to be as large as 20 MB, there needs to be a study of what this presents at the network level. While large photos seem great, slowly loading pages are not.
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Helping you Become a Property Asset Manager

Posted by Ed Ulmer on May 8, 2018 5:53:38 PM

For those of you who came to the Barefoot User Conference, this is a follow up on my asset management presentation. For those of you who couldn’t join us, over the next few months I will continue to send out more information on this topic. I also hope that this starts a conversation, because overall, you are innovative.  We are focused on helping you become a property asset manager.

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