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8 steps to decide on a vacation destination

Posted by Aj Mudford on Feb 19, 2014 12:21:00 PM

There are a few important factors that need to be considered when deciding on where to go on vacation. Quite often there is an event or someone you’d like to visit that plays a part in your decision making process. Beyond that the choice between a warmer location to escape the winter or the opposite and embracing the winter and all it brings.

A checklist would be helpful if you can’t make up your mind with all the attractive options out there. Once you have established a budget for your vacation the purpose of your getaway should be the first influence in your decision. If it is to hike a certain national park, relax on a beach or to spend time with your family, that is the most important issue you face. Who you will be travelling with plays a big role in the choice of destination. If your partner hates the cold that will rule out any ski resort you had in mind.

If you made a list of all the places you wanted to visit it would generally be a lot longer than what would be possible for most people. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to see every place on your list, it means you should start now before it’s too late!


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1. Know who your travel companions will be- Going somewhere with your parents will be a lot different to where you would go with friends. Smaller groups may fare better in hotels while larger groups may be better off with a vacation rental.

2. Is it an event, convention, competition or festival you are going to- How can you incorporate this special event or work convention into an extended vacation with your spouse or entire family

3. All inclusive deal or separate- Booking flights, accommodation and a rental car all in one can avoid a lot of the hassle. Many resorts offer inclusive packages while vacation rentals offer a list of references.

4. How much time do you have to work with- You don’t want to spend most of your time travelling to and from your destination so make sure you have allocated enough time to relax and enjoy your vacation
5. Pick between a warm and cold climate- This is influenced by the purpose of your vacation and who you are travelling with. If you are into ice climbing, Florida isn't the vacation spot for you so choose wisely.
6. What activities do you like to do and what are you passionate about- Do you like to scuba dive, ski or visit museums? While relaxing on the beach all week sounds great it is always good to have something else to do in the area. 

7. Where have your friends been that you haven’t- Hearing of an awesome vacation a friend took can be all it takes to get you there to experience it for yourself. Don't be afraid to reach out to social media and see what people recommend. These are people you know and may have more trust in. 
8. Cheaper isn’t always better- spending the extra few dollars can be well worth it- It can make the difference between a pleasant experience and an awful one. Finding value doesn't mean finding the cheapest option. Don't end up with a vacation horror story because you wanted to save $5.

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These steps wont book your vacation for you but it will put you on the path to success.  Eliminate extra searching by narrowing your targets to destinations that will offer the best value by offering attractions, accomodating your wants, and providing the best vacation for you and your party.

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