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5 Creative Ways to Increase Buzz in Vacation Rental Management

Posted by Claiborne Yarbrough on Jun 17, 2014 5:12:00 PM

vacation-rental-management-buzzBuzz is a hot word now that everyone wants, to have buzz about their homes or properties.  But how do you build buzz, as it doesn’t happen randomly or without cause.  “Buzz” can be called many things but largely, it is when people are talking about your product, so how can we help create some buzz for your vacation rental home?
  1. Staycations- A staycations is a shortened vacation that because of the short timeframe, travelling is out of the question so one stays locally but gets away at the same time.  Things like a one night stay away from the family or a spa day at the local resort are ideas for staycations.  The staycation becomes powerful when in the right hands, like local reporters, bloggers, social media guru’s and more.  Give a short stay to someone local, it keeps their costs low and the return can be huge as they begin to tell your story.
  2. Social Media- did you know that there is a social media for almost every form of expression?  Video, thoughts, pictures, websites and more can all be leveraged on these sites to gain some attraction for your vacation rental properties.  Share beautiful pictures, amazing videos of sunsets, and anything you can get your properties to more people.
  3. Contests- Contests are a great way to build buzz and also to generate some loyalty.  Contests are not limited to any one idea but some include “tell us your best rental story” or “share your best picture” and so on.  These contests get people engaged as compared to other mediums that just get them looking. 
  4. Rewards- This one is slightly different than contests but the idea is similar.  Be sure to, when people “check in” via 4Square or any other social medium, to occasionally reward people for the action.  I went out for Yofurt not long ago, took a picture of my fiancée and me enjoying our snacks and was given a $10 coupon to use the next time I came in.  Everyone in the store immediately followed my footstep in attempt to win their own coupon.
  5. Be Creative- There aren’t many rules in trying to generate new ways to get people talking about your product.  You could try a tried and true method or perhaps be innovative and branch out.  As long as you are actively trying and learning from your failures and successes your company will benefit
If you set your company up to embrace the mentality to create buzz, be active, and reward those contribute you will see success. It is important to remember that if one of these methods does not work to your liking, you can rework the campaign however you desire.  “Always Be Testing” is a marketing phrase in today’s offices that pushes people to always try things, even if they fail, you will at least know what does not work!

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