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The Vacation Rental Industry is Going for a Record Year

Posted by Adam Zippin on Apr 5, 2011 3:57:00 AM

Last week, LeisureLink, Inc released its Vacation Lodging Demand Index for February 2011. The data show that demand for the leisure lodging industry increased significantly in 2011 compared to the same period in 2010. The index showed a year over year increase of 15%, and a big reason for this is that consumers are gaining confidence and are again willing to spend money on vacation travel. “We are finally seeing strength in fly-to markets, such as Hawaii,” said Steve Reich, Senior Vice President of LeisureLink, Inc. “Consumers are committing to longer, more expensive trips, and this is a very healthy development.”


LeisureLink also released a snapshot of its conversion index, which measures leisure property conversion rates across the LeisureLink network. Results for February were 29 basis points higher than the same period in 2010.

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At Barefoot, provider of property management software, we sense a lot of optimism in the industry this year. Every report that is released suggests 2011 to be a great year for vacation rentals, and even though it is still early in the year, we believe 2011 could turn out to be a record year for our industry. We have seen a lot of change over the past 6 months, and there seems to be a lot of excitement in the industry. As the economy is turning around, we believe the numbers for the vacation rental industry will keep increasing. What do you think?


The LeisureLink report.