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Weak U.S. Dollar = Opportunity For International Tourists

Posted by Adam Zippin on May 20, 2011 4:43:00 AM

As of right now, the U.S. dollar is weak compared to the Euro, as well as the UK pound.  Now, $1 will only get you €0.69. The dollar being weak is an issue if you have planned on traveling abroad this summer since your dollar does not buy as much as it used to. This will hopefully keep more Americans in this country.


A weak U.S. dollar also means international tourists should flock to the US.  Vacation rentals are popular in Europe, so there is an opportunity for companies to increase their bookings from international tourists. Here are a few suggestions: Canada has been the most active international visitor for the past 3 years. Canadian VISA credit card holders spent $9.2 billion in the U.S. last year alone.  This in part is because of their proximity, a relatively easy entry process and the fact that you can pack your car with your shopping bargains. One of our portal partners is Cottage Country, and they focus on the Canadian market.  


The U.K. is the second biggest spender in the US among international tourists with a total of $2.5 billion last year. Brits, because of the long flight typically stay longer. The average length of stay in the US is close to 2 weeks, and like for the Canadians, the US is a shopping bargain basement. Most US states have UK and European tourism partners; you should try and contact your state’s tourism office to get connected.  Also, on your web site if you are serious about Europeans, take into account the time difference. This of course also goes for the Asians. In fact China has a budding middle class and they have really not been affected by this international slow down. There are more and more Chinese looking for a US holiday.


We would love for you to share your own international market experience and how Barefoot’s vacation rental system has assisted you in getting market share.