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Vacation Rental Industry Welcomes Four Legged Friends

Posted by Adam Zippin on Sep 29, 2011 3:28:00 PM

New Trends In Vacation Rental Carter to Pet Friendly Crowd

Pets are becoming more and more part of the family. This can be seen in many areas of life, including vacationing. Families are more and more inclined to take their pets with them when they go on a vacation. Therefore, dog-friendly vacation travel is increasing.


According to the Travel Industry Association of America an estimated 29.1 million Americans say they have traveled with a pet in the past three years. (  Not only are the pets taken with the family to the vacation but also pet-friendly approach is wished and expected. Therefore, a new marketing segment has arisen.

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Many hotels and vacation rentals have become pet-friendly allowing or even encouraging their customers to bring their pet with them. In addition, some of the hotels have realized the potential profit-making opportunity in luring in customers and their pets and have started to offer a variety of services to the pets alongside to their owners. The services provided can vary from having a pet-park where the customers can leave their pets for few hours while going shopping, to complimentary water bowls, and even massage treatments. According to a recent survey, 29% of families travelling with their pets are staying in a pet-friendly hotel while on vacation.  


Dogs and cats are the most common family pet to be taken with to a vacation; of all pets taken to a vacation 78% have been dogs and 15% have been cats. In addition, most families who vacation with a pet choose a car or a RV as a favorite mode of transportation. Only 6% of the pet travellers choose airline as vacation transportation. This means that most families vacationing with their pets spend their vacation relatively close to their home.


The small percentage choosing the airline as a mode of transportation could be explained through the difficulties and expenses related to airlines. Pets often need several documents, paperwork and extra charges in order to be cleared to fly. In addition, the worry of losing the pet may make pet owners anxious.

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A new alternative to travelling with your pet is a more luxurious approach.  In 2009 a new company named Pet Airways was launched, selling a pet only flight to and from several high traffic airports including New York, Baltimore, LA, Fort Lauderdale, and several others.  Flights include a bathroom break before and after each flight as well as a staff trained to handle animals. (


If you do decide to fly with your animal, you should expect an additional charge ranging from $100 and up.  Additionally, pets can either be carried on board in a small carry on, or can travel in a temperature controlled cargo bay.  Either way, you should contact your airline and discuss your options as no two pets are the same. (


With statistics like this, Barefoot is pleased to continue to offer its customers unlimited options to help cater to the pet-friendly crowd.   If you have a story about travelling with your pet that may benefit our readers, please post it below.