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Barefoot Technologies Lends Helping Hand

Posted by Adam Zippin on Oct 12, 2011 3:06:00 PM

Barefoot Technologies Helps Local Businesses


The vacation rental industry has seen a new trend develop with the current economic conditions.  People have opted to travel shorter distances on their vacations, which has ultimately led to a diversification if tourism hot spots.  With this new vacation style, the knowledge of local deals, attractions, and venues became more valuable.

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Barefoot Technologies has decided to lead by example and invest itself in the community.  Ed Ulmer was a member of the Chamber of Commerce for several years, in addition, Aki Uola attended Henniker Clean Up Day on behalf of Barefoot Technologies.  The chamber of commerce in Henniker, NH ask people of the town to take pride and help clean the streets, buildings, and shared areas.  By taking part, Barefoot displayed just one way to help your business become familiar with your town.

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Local travel has allowed people who are on a tight budget to still explore new places and gain valuable new experiences.  This trend has also helped smaller vacation rental management companies survive the economy (stay tuned for more on that in a later blog post).  By straying from the cookie cutter vacation, people have maintained their vacation lifestyle.


Barefoot Technologies has always catered to the individual business.  By creating a software that is flexible and customizable, Barefoot’s software will allow your company to maintain its structure.  Too many companies today are shaping their business to fit their software.  Why not have a software that fits you.