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Barefoot's Lessons Learned At Triple Play Realtor Conference

Posted by Adam Zippin on Dec 15, 2011 7:56:00 AM

                Last week Ed and I travelled down to Atlantic City for the Triple Play Relators Conference.  It was held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Atlantic City Conference Center.  While we were there we met a lot of great people, often they confused us for Barefoot wine which explains their excitement to meet us.  Throughout the week classes were offered as well that we were able to take.  Ed received his certification in (forgot the name of your class for second homes) on Monday while I was lucky enough to sit in on several classes about technology in this field. 

                As I sat through several classes I decided I would write a brief blog about some of the most important things I learned.   One of the most surprising things I learned were some of the finer legal points of real estate.  In one seminar, the speaker led the class through several websites that were designed by private contractors and cost a substantial amount of money.  However, he went on to detail that all of these sites had legal issues on the front page.  The reason these occurred were because the designer was not licensed in real estate and missed some serious legal issues.  I remember a website that was show, which included a page that listed the local places of worship.  However, after looking a little deeper it was easy to see that only catholic places of worship were listed.  Another site listed “Good Hoods” on their page which ranked their top 10 neighborhoods.  I thought nothing of this but the licensed realtors in the room knew better, as does our design team.

                Another thing I realized at this conference was how many realtors are on the fence about vacation rentals.  I sat through a class and the speaker, who is a very successful realtor, got her start in rentals because no one else wanted them.  It only raises the question of how many other people are there passing up on this opportunity.  If you were at Triple Play then you likely received a flyer about the rental market from Barefoot.  If you did not, please subscribe to our blog as it will be posted later on.

Ed and Adam at Triple Play

After this experience I encourage you to take a look at your software and who is designing it, and check to see if they are licensed and have significant rental and real estate experience.  Barefoot’s own Ed Ulmer is licensed in both NH and MA and is one of 54 licensed agents who sit on the MLS Board for NH and VT, he also has done vacation, short term and commercial leasing and run two tourism organizations in Bar Harbor Maine and Plymouth MA .  Tracey Walters has over 10 years of rental experience with Resort Quest and other quality companies and both provide us with an immense knowledge of the industry.  For those of you we missed at the conference or who would like to learn more about the vacation rental market, email me at