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Posted by Adam Zippin on Jan 23, 2012 1:07:00 AM

Barefoot Agent Software Part 3- Tenant Net

This week I will be describing Tenant Net. This is part of our social media products.  Once a vacation reservation or a quote has been made, you can give your vacation rental client a user id and a password and they can manage their reservation including up sale, payment of outstanding balances and communicate with you on special needs pre and during their holiday.  Tenant Net also allows for tenants to communicate with their friends at multiple levels.  Future reservations can be made which does not require them to reenter their information saving them time and energy and building a portfolio. By creating a portfolio rewards options become practical. 

From you agencies perspective, by directing the tenant to these pages, you create a habit and all data can be mined.  When you incorporate Vacation Rental back office CRM components into this data, you can provide better offers and up sales opportunities as well motivate them to share with their circle of friends through Facebook and other social media tools.      

Here are some examples of ways tenant access can be used

Tenant gets out of the shower grumbling about water pressure or lack of hot water. They log on to Tenant Net and document the issue. The issue is electronically sent to Barefoot Agents and the work order system and either the work order system or VendorNet, depending on his relationship with your agency, sends it to the person in charge of that property or that type of work, who happens to be 2 minutes away. The handyperson knocks on the door, before the person’s hair is dry. 

Tenant wants to get his wife flowers, he can buy them online and have them tied to his reservation.  Tenant Net also automatically communicates to the staff or the vendor providing that service.  If flowers are not part of your up sale products, the tenant can always ask about flowers and get a response you decide how to handle the question. The tenant may also want to go fishing-the system tracks that and it can be used to manage an offer on the off season to them regarding the fishing options on the shoulder season

Tenants can talk to their friends about where they are staying via Facebook or an electronic postcard and have it tied back to your web site.  In addition we will soon have some advanced communication tools that tie tenants together who are vacationing together.

This product has been available for 5 years, but it is now starting to be used and as a result clients are asking us to add new functionality, thus we have a new version of this product soon to be released.  Let us show you what it does and we look forward to your suggestions and comments on continuing for it to bloom. 

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