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HomeAway competitors seem to be rising

Posted by Adam Zippin on Mar 20, 2012 1:08:00 PM

 In the past months we have been trying to keep you aware of the scams in the industry.  Several have come from company sites like Homeaway and while others have come from less reputable sites like craigslist.  The one thing that all of these scams seem to have in common is that no one will claim any responsibility.  A previous blog we did described a scam done through where the site only claimed to be the introduction point for the 2 parties and claimed no responsibility.

In response to this, we urge anyone interested in vacation to take their business somewhere a little more trustworthy, just because they are a big company does not mean they are trustworthy.  This instance happened to one such citizen named Adam Doppelt.  After staying at a vacation home that was in a condition significantly worse than describes, he tried to leave a review.  However, he felt as though he would be drowned out by the sponsor add location and his message would not be heard.  Instead, Doppelt decided to start his own company based on the reviews left by people who had utilized the property. Dopplet started UrbanSpoon, a restaurant rating app, and has carried over the review mentality into vacation rentals.

HomeAway competition rises

But is there a better way?  Everyone travelling today is under a tighter budget than in years past due to the economy, so where can you get the most bang for your buck.  We believe that is with smaller, local rental agencies.  With just a few seconds of searching, you can easily find rental agencies with a person on the other end.  Local agencies have many advantages over the large sites.  They allow you to have a customized vacation, one where you tell a person what your wants and needs are, as opposed to simply limiting your search by rooms and dates.  These companies have a much better knowledge of the area and can give you the tailored service you have been missing while skipping the worry of a scam or any other mishap.

With so many companies like Dopplet’s “Dwellable” popping up to compete with the big on line players, make sure your company has something to offer your owners, and tenants as well.  Vacation rentals are the current and future wave of lodging, how does your software help you stand out.  It is important to realize that the industry is changing and as a company, you should look at new and innovative ways to reach your client base.  With changes coming so rapidly to the industry, remaining constant may not be enough.  Barefoot has the most mature browser based system in the industry, with tools 3-5 years ahead of the competition.  With features like this, you can have a software system that truly markets your company to potential owners.  E-mail to set up a demo and see what your company is missing out on.

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