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8 Must Know Statistics for the Vacation Industry

Posted by Adam Zippin on Nov 27, 2012 8:23:00 AM

     With the holidays coming around some vacation rental companies are moving into their busiest time of the year, others are moving into their down time.  One thing that everyone is taking note of is the holiday travel trends.  No matter what rental season you are in, there are ways to turn more leads into reservations.  By knowing the trends that are occurring in the booking process, you can set your company up for success.

1)    Be online- about one in three travelers will book their trips purely online, without using any other medium.  Make sure your online presence is easy to be found.

2)    Price is no longer the most important aspect- Nearly 60% of people said that ease of use was the largest influencer to making a purchase.


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3)    The web is here to stay- Last year 54% of people researched their destinations online, that number has risen to 60%.

4)    SEO Isn’t everything, but it’s something- 57% of people use major search engines to decide on their next vacationChristmas Tree Decorated

5)    Reviews are real- 61% of consumers view and factor in traveler-submitted reviews

6)    Know where your clients are–of U.S. adults with a web connection, 62% purchased a leisure trip last year

7)    Your customers do their homework-  61% surveyed said they use online travel agencies to get more specific details

8)    Earn it- Last year the average consumer spent $3,109 on travel, up almost 8% from the prior year.  You can be sure that others are out to get their share of this industry as well.

So what is there to be learned from all this?  Probably the most important concept to take away is that the days of the mom and pop business are wearing thin in the vacation rental industry.  Technology is playing an important role in today’s consumer and if you are not willing to put in the time to get in front of them, you will miss out.  We see so many companies that use a template web design that offer the user nothing to remember.  People desire the simplicity of the world at their fingertips, using more tablets, cell phones, and mobile devices than ever before.  With such a focus on simplicity, modernization, and service, your business needs to take the extra time and make sure you are where the people are looking.

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Data taken from monetate handout at PhocusWright conference