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Make Demographics Work For Your Vacation Rental Business

Posted by Adam Zippin on Nov 29, 2012 9:58:00 AM

Mac Vs. PC InfoGraphic
Customer demographics is a rapidly expanding practice.  It used to mean knowing where your customers came from, how old they were and other basic information about who your customer was.  Today, this data and its collection is rapidly evolving into a science that needs attention.  Are you aware that user’s of a specific phone platform were likely to spend more per night on a reservation.  The ever increasing “Apple Demographic” is becoming more and more relevant.  Recently, Orbitz has begun changing its presentation based on what platform the user is visiting from.  A mac user will spend up 30% more on a hotel room for a night than a PC user.  Yielding this knowledge, Orbitz has started showing more expensive rooms in the initial search results according to reports.  Now any user can still sort by price online but research has also shown that 90% of users will not get past the first page in order to book.

Is your vacation rental business able to capitalize on this?  Information is becoming more readily available than ever and the results it can have for your business are exploding.  In years past it was nice to know where your clients came from and maybe some basic information on their hobbies.  Marketing plans were based off focus groups to try to get target segments attention.  Today, the world is at our fingertips and as out last blog stated, more people than ever are using the internet when planning vacations.  25% of people surveyed qualified themselves as Mac users, meaning that 25% of those on the web will pay more for a vacation.  Imagine if you could increase 25% of your web based income just by marketing to the screen the user is looking at.

With the industry constantly evolving and technology moving into every aspect of life, these pieces of information are going to become more relevant, even if you are a small player.  New features are coming out every day to make the vacation process paperless and simple.  Make sure that your company is in a position to capitalize on these demographics.  Any marketing can be greatly influenced by the “big data” that is already out there so be sure to get the right message to the right people.

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