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5 Things To Look For In Conference Classes

Posted by Adam Zippin on Dec 4, 2012 4:12:00 PM

As ed and I grind through another tradeshow, I am beginning to see trends.  Not long ago I wrote some tips for attending tradeshows and this blog builds off of that.  In that blog, I wrote about making the most of your time by attending classes, but what happens when the class is not a great one?  This blog will remain on the shorter side as it is late and has been a long day but when a blog strikes, one must write!

1) Know your topic-Too often, I hear people talk about classes as being other than what was expected.  You can always leave a class and get to another one, and often this is the better route.

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2) Learn with a plan-When you are going to classes try to string several together on the same topic.  Its better to learn enough about a topic that you can excel, than to learn just enough in several categories to get by.  Too many people are just getting by, use these conferences to strengthen your business as much as possible.


3) Research Speakers- Speakers are usually frequents a shows and if you ask around you can get a feel for the speaker and his or her classes.  Look for one who uses numbers and data and not just opinions.

4) Read between the lines- Some but not all speakers are biased.  Almost all speeches are pre-approved but that doesn't mean some speakers can't plug their products.  There is a fine line between an expert in a field, and a salesman with a great pitch.

5) Have your Internet ready-If you are planning to rely on Wi-Fi for things like note taking and class interaction, always have a backup.  Most tablets and phones have simple memo pads but even the simplest alternative is better than a wasted class at a conference.

This blog is a short and sweet post about things to look for when taking classes at conferences.  With classes usually lasting about an hour, but up to 5 in some cases, wasting one can really take away from your conference experience.  Be sure to put some thought and effort into making the most out of these opportunities.  See you on the road!

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