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More than 1 million websites hacked

Posted by Adam Zippin on Apr 6, 2011 9:10:00 AM

MSNBC reports that more than 1 million websites have been hit by a hacking attack that injects code into sites that redirect users to a scam-looking software sales operation. Experts claim that this attack is the largest of its kind ever seen.


The “mass-injection” has managed to insert unfriendly code into websites by gaining access to the servers running the databases, according to the technology company that discovered the attack.


Users trying to enter an infected website will be redirected to a page where they are shown a warning from ‘Windows Stability Center’, which is supposed to pose as a Microsoft Corp security product, and they are told there are problems with their computer, and then urged to purchase software to fix the issue. If you come across this message, or if you notice that you are being redirected to suspicious URL, you can close your browser window with no ill effects.


It is still unclear if the fraudsters will try to plant software on your computer after purchasing the “fixing software”, or if the operation is linked to an identity theft scam.


Barefoot recommends anyone that comes across a suspicious looking URL to close your browser window, and never to purchase anything on the Internet unless you are absolutely sure of what it is that you are paying for. Unfortunately, scammers are trying to take advantage of the rapid growth of e-commerce by implementing different types of scams and frauds.