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Vacation Rental Clients Are Looking For More Details When Renting

Posted by Adam Zippin on Jan 12, 2012 8:31:00 AM

As many of our customers know, Barefoot is constantly striving to make business connections that will reward our clients.  We continually announce new partnerships in our news page and always try to have a blog post up describing our new partnership and what we can do for you the customer.  The newest partner to come on board with Barefoot Technologies is Vacation Storebuilder, a Software-as-a-Service platform that enables vacation rental companies to quickly and easily manage their websites.

As we keep you up to speed on our end of the business, we are always pleased when a partner makes news.  On January 6, Bald Head Island announced the launch of their new Vacation Storebuilder powered website.  While Bald Head does not use Barefoot’s Agent software(yet), we are more than happy to share in the continued growth of our new partner. 

Vacation Storebuilder is an excellent online tool to really make the most of your Barefoot software.  With a website service designed around the rental market, this tandem of website to software match will really help take your company to the next level.  This partnership comes at an important time in the industry as well.  According to HitWise, an online website data company, the seasonal peaks for website traffic to vacation sites is rounding itself out.  Over the past few years, data has shown a less significant focus on the seasonal peaks. 

This means a few things for your business.  First it means that if you are seasonally busy, your online traffic is more likely to come during the offseason.  People are thinking ahead and planning their trips more.  This means that a great website will help separate you from the crowd.  Secondly it means that your software must have excellent CRM tracking built in to help you maintain your relationship with these clients.  How many names can you remember from 3 months ago?  If it isn’t 100% of them then our software will be an amazing asset to you.  The second impact is that your shoulder seasons are becoming more valuable for bringing in potential renters.  If people visit your website to view homes for the summer but see that there is a great offer for a shoulder season rental which is a great opportunity for any company.  This more consistent stream of traffic is much more indicative of a more consistent cash flow for your company.

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Factor all of this in with an article on which describes the new level of details that potential vacationers are looking for and your business has a recipe for success.  The report says that when shopping around, people are looking more and more in depth for not only good deals, but great details.  The best way to get those details is to contact someone who lives, does business, or has invested time in the area.  Does this sound like a vacation rental company to you?  Of course without the proper CRM and prospect management systems all of these industry changes will be hard to capitalize on.   Contact Barefoot to have them answer any of your questions or to set up a demo.