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Posted by Adam Zippin on Feb 16, 2012 8:00:00 AM

The final installment of our software blog will discuss the CRM aspects of our software and how it can directly increase your revenue.  Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is one of the current evaluators used to determine a company’s potential success.  Gone are the days that big companies can abuse their customers with huge and frequent mail blasts. With social media and the internet, customer relations have become an integral part to the success of any business.  The question for most is how to convert those relationships into revenue.

Barefoot has been in the business for some time now and we are very proud of our software, particularly its CRM aspects which have been around long before it was the industry norm.  The Agent software boasts “unlimited amenities fields” both in the Property and the Tenant databases.  Lots of software systems today offer various or sometimes unlimited amenities fields as well.  However these systems are limited by either the amount of amenities or the type of fields such as drop down, click, or text.  Barefoot believes that documenting every interaction with a customer, either renter or owner, is the key to a great relationship.  Based on this, our CRM is a prospect management system.  In this system every interaction you have can be stored as a prospect in your system


 Amenities Fields


The area in red is a small example of our amenities, this screenshot is of a property search.  This user has included the amount of floors in a building, unit type, dining and entertaining options, internet, and pet options.  Any or all of these boxes can be checked to narrow a search field for perspective renters.  If a person calls requesting a 2-story house with a pool and high speed internet, your agents can now search for properties strictly within the interests of the consumer.  This makes managing each prospect much simpler and vastly more efficient. 

The true strength of this prospect management system comes through when using the integrated e-mail in the system.  As previously mentioned, the amenities fields help you in two ways, document prospect interests and to simplify searches for prospective renters.  The third method of improved CRM is through our e-mail system.  Along with limiting search fields, these amenities fields can help you send e-mails and offers to clients.   In the fields pictured, you can see fields like BBQ, internet, and 2 floors.  These fields are 100% customizable and generally include potential clients’ interests.  Once you have harnessed the wants of your clients, you can send e-mails out to them to entice them to come for shoulder season vacations.  We have a several beach destination communities whose peak season is the summer.  However, these destinations also have incredible fishing in the shoulder seasons.  By including an amenities field that can qualify anyone interested in fishing, these company’s now have a viable client contact list.

As I mentioned before, our e-mail system uses the same search options.  Here in New Hampshire, we have great attractions year round.  Our summer is adventurous, our fall is beautiful, and our winter is famed for snow activities, however most people come for the winter simply unaware of the other seasonal attractions.  We’ll continue to use the beach house example, knowing that they are located near water, the fishing is incredible in the offseason.  Despite this information, the value is not carried over to the people who only come for the beach.  If you include a “fishing” box for your agents you can now search by any renters who are interested in fishing by performing a simple search.  Any profile created who has an interest in fishing can be sent an e-mail through the software, saving you several steps, and drawn to your shoulder season attractions.

So what does your company gain from this capability?  Money is the answer.  Each renter or tenant now has their own profile which does many different things.  These profiles create a more loyal client base, they allow you to save time searching for ineffective results, creates a feeling of importance and reliability from the customer side, and makes your company easy to differentiate from your competition.  Utilizing the software to its maximum creates an even more enticing appeal, rounding out your income to be less seasonal and creating a stronger more consistent cash flow.

If you do not understand this process 100% fear not, you can call Barefoot for a demo of the software.  We will show you how to utilize this aspect of the software to the fullest.

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