Things to know about Barefoot Vacation Rental Management Software

We wanted to share some of the common questions that are asked by companies who are evaluating Barefoot's Agent 4.0 solution.

Why do vacation rental management companies select Barefoot?

  • We find that most clients that we onboard are looking for a long term relationship with a company that will grow and evolve with them. They value Barefoot's development agility that results from being a profitable, wholly-owned, private company. We  determine our direction based on client needs. This means our clients have no reason to leave and we have a 96% retention rate over twenty one years.
  • Our clients value technology and the ability to tailor their system to the way that they want to do business, not the way a solution wants them to work.
  • Our clients value in-depth and reliable trust accounting. Proper trust accounting allows our clients to understand many of their key business metrics in real time.
  • Communication tools are critical for our clients and we have many best practices and functions that support internal and external communication with employees, guests, owners, vendors and external booking agents.
  • Our on-boarding process is thorough, guided and successful. We use a unique tool called the Barefoot Business Rules Matrix to document the installation road-map to get you from your current system into Barefoot. This installation documentation becomes part of our contract with you.

Everyone in the industry talks about all-in-one solutions. Is Barefoot an all-in-one solution?

  • Barefoot is the center of our client's technology ecosystem. Each client's specific solution may involve multiple partners to extend the functionality. We have an extensive partner program and a well documented API.
  • We provide an end to end solution that includes reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, CRM, owner relationship management, group functionality, timeshare functionality, resort management, and most importantly, the most reliable trust accounting in the industry.
  • We have a Client Success Team that continually consults with our clients to leverage functionality to build market leadership and to make you more efficient in your business. 

What is the pricing model for Barefoot?

  • Barefoot does not charge an upfront fee. We charge a monthly fee on the basis of the number of units in your system. More information can be found here.
  • If you pay this monthly fee annually, you will receive a 10% discount.
  • Barefoot has a policy of not raising fees for all clients to introduce new functionality. We typically create an optional module that clients can opt into paying for, such as the eSignature module, which is developed for each client, based on their specifications.
  • Barefoot does not charge for direct integrations with VRBO or TripAdvisor. We charge 1.5% of rent to connect with Airbnb.
  • Some other partner integrations may have a set up fee and a monthly fee, such as connections to workforce management partners like Breezeway.

Do you provide thought leadership in the industry?

  • Barefoot is often the first to market with functionality. An example of this were our guest, owner and vendor portals, that we continue to expand today.
  • Barefoot was the first to incorporate customer relationship management tools into the solution.
  • Currently, we are focused on helping our clients become property asset managers. We know that owners buy these properties as investments like they would buy stocks and bonds. This is extraordinary to think about, because most people’s biggest assets are their properties, but for the most part, no one is assisting those owners in the full management of that property asset. We want to help you create clients for life.

Owner acquisition is currently a hot topic in the vacation rental industry. What tools does Barefoot provide to support this?

  • As mentioned above, Barefoot has always put focus on owners as part of our solution. Our owner access portal has extensive owner management functionality -- reporting, contract renewal with electronic signature, owner booking, rate management, and individual websites for properties that the owner can leverage using their own social media.
  • We provide asset management tools to our vacation rental management clients, so that they can create a client for life mentality with their owners. See the whitepaper here.

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