About Us

We Let You Be You...

Barefoot provides an industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPS) for the varied needs of the Vacation Rental and Property Management Industry. With one product in development for over 16 years, Barefoot offers a robust technology solution that is built on the SQL Server platform.

In acknowledgement of the various and very specific needs of vacation rental companies in different markets, Barefoot has been developed to be tailored and customized. We empower our clients to tailor their own systems through our training and support. We also offer customization to our clients through scoped projects that are developed and tested by our development team.

We are very aware of the evolving forces that this competitive industry requires and we are constantly bringing the needs of our customers back into our software through our monthly updates. We also tackle five or more large projects annually that provide greater security or enhanced functionality for our customers. Often, these projects will allow us to be the first to market. Examples include owner and guest access, lead management and CRM focused on the vacation rental industry and unique social media tools.

Barefoot also partners with other best of breed technologies in the industry that run the gamut from marketing portals, to financial services, to home automation and insurance providers. Our partner program is based on providing our customers with integration choices.  We place a significant emphasis on our API (Application Programming Interface) tool. This makes us a highly desirable partner and is one of the reasons why we are a Preferred Partner with HomeAway for the professional property manager. This year we are focusing on breaking out the API calls for more security and also to provide more documentation.

In summary, Barefoot is poised to handle a wide range of customers in the industry including time shares, campgrounds and portal solutions while still providing the cutting edge tools needed for those who seek to create a niche market in an ever competitive industry.