Barefoot Integrates with PayByGroup

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PayByGroup is Barefoot’s trusted provider of group payments. It enables property managers to easily manage, monitor, and convert multi-party bookings.  Guests can coordinate their groups easily and gather payments more effectively.

What are the Benefits for Barefoot Customers?

Screen all guests and get full visibility into who is staying in your home

Cut the time it takes to close a booking by 5 to 9 days

20% of travelers choose the PayByGroup option when offered, and most prefer to book homes that offer it, resulting in a boost in bookings

By capturing the contact information of every traveler involved in that booking, PayByGroup lets you multiply your marketing reach by 5x.  Repeat guests are the best source of future business.

How does it work with Barefoot?

Property managers simply add the PayByGroup Checkout option to their website using a single line of code. Renters who are traveling with friends or family can choose this option to get their group committed, and PayByGroup drives them to a completed booking.   

PayByGroup is the only solution that integrates directly with Barefoot’s property management system to fully automate the creation and completion of PayByGroups for Barefoot’s customers. Barefoot customers instantly see their system updated when PayByGroups complete and have one-click access to all the details of the group. 

Get Started for Free

Join leading property managers that use PayByGroup to get more bookings. To get started for free:

  1. Turn on PayByGroup portal access by clicking "Portals" in the upper right of your Barefoot Dashboard and then clicking "PayByGroup" and granting access.
  2. Set up a PayByGroup Business account at the PayByGroup Pricing Page and connect it with your Barefoot account in under 15 minutes by choosing the “Platform” option and selecting “Barefoot” as your platform. 

About PaybyGroup


PayByGroup is the trusted group payment platform of leading vacation rental companies like HomeAway and VRBO.  It was founded in 2011 by two group organizers that were fed up with the hassle of collecting money from friends and family for group trips.  The company is based in San Francisco, California.


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