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Who is Bluetent?

Bluetent is a digital agency who firmly believes in evolving travel and hospitality businesses to generate sustainable growth for clients. Rezfusion, our eCommerce platform, helps VR professionals grow online with direct-booking websites, channel management, guest experience tools, and email marketing. Rezfusion currently supports 300+ vacation rental companies and $400 million in annual online reservations.

What Sets Bluetent Apart?

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, our talented and growing team of 80+innovative developers, creative artists, social experts, email ninjas, search enthusiasts, and travel and outdoor aficionados are the driving force behind Bluetent. We take a performance-driven approach and collaborate with our clients to ensure that our strategies are successful in achieving our clients' overall business goals. We also strive to continually innovate and make modern technology available to all property management companies, large and small. 

Our team is passionate about connecting travelers to place and this not only inspires our culture but builds on effective opportunities to provide eCommerce strategies for our clients.

Our Services Include:

We approach every project with our clients' brands in mind and design the most effective digital strategies to elevate online vacation rental businesses. here are the 4 pillars we've designed to achieve this goal:

Direct-Booking Websiteshttps://www.bluetent.com/platform/

Channel Managementhttps://www.bluetent.com/rezfusion-boost/

Guest Experience Solutionshttps://www.bluetent.com/guestbook/

Marketing & Advertising Serviceshttps://www.bluetent.com/marketing-services/ 

Bluetent and Barefoot

Bluetent and Barefoot Technologies share the same mission to efficiently generate sustainable growth for our clients with integrated digital marketing solutions. From developing websites with a seamless and user-friendly experience that motivates travelers to book, to building comprehensive email campaigns that communicate with guests throughout the entirety of their trip; Bluetent and Barefoot help our clients reach travelers, inspire guests and attract owners. 

Ongoing Help with your Marketing

We build lasting customer relationships through innovation and quality in the digital space. Fine tune your ideas and business goals with our performance-driven tools, responsive products, robust strategies, easy implementation, and receptive support.

Connect with Bluetent

Lets' discuss the opportunities to sustainably grow your online vacation rental business.

Spend one-on-one time with a Bluetent Specialist: https://www.bluetent.com/contact-rezfusion/