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About Barefoot CRM

Barefoot has many way to manage leads and guests, owners and vendors. See some of this functionality listed below.

For more information, please schedule a demo with us or send an email to sales@barefooot.com. 



Unlimited Amenities

Our clients are trained to create their own amenities on properties, guest, owner and vendor records. These amenities can be filled out by the guest, for example, in our mobile ready guest portal.

These data points are the building blocks for knowing your clients, supporting quick marketing email or longer term CRM goals.

Drive Leads to Booking

Barefoot Sales Agent provides tools specifically for the reservation agents on your team. 

As the lead moves through the sales funnel, leads are automatically moved into different tabs and alerts can be set for those leads that are missing "touch" deadlines.

Airbnb leads that have hidden emails can be seen and communicated with through the dashboard.

Conversion rates and other metrics are available for both the individual agents and for management reports.

Communication Tools

Barefoot has the ability to communicate on the fly or by using triggers to send both emails and text messages.

Using the editor right inside of the system, design your communication emails and texts to guests, owners and vendors. 


eSignature Contracts

Barefoot eSignature not only allows for guests to sign their contracts, which are then maintained digitally in the system, but it also allows you to upsell activities and concierge items right inside of the process.

eSignature can also track online check in and identification upload.

Owner contract renewal is also supported using a wizard built in the owner portal with the ability to adjust rates, add service agreements, view amenities, descriptions and photos and the owner can electronically sign the renewed contract.

Mobile Ready Portals

Barefoot offers mobile ready portals for guests, owners and vendors.

The functionality in each of these portals allows for stronger relationship management. 

Owners can see all of their property information in once place, make their own bookings, see upcoming reservations, make payments against their property account and view their statements and YTD summary.

Guest can view information about their upcoming reservation, make payments, add upsell items, view past communication and make bookings.

Vendors can view their upcoming schedule either as housekeeping or 3rd parties helping with work orders, make comments, change statuses and upload attachments.

Barefoot Technologies Capabilities Checklist

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